quarta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2008

In the silence of the night,

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Thank you Lord for being my friend,


You show Your mercy.

Help me Lord to understand,that my life is in Your hand.

When I look up to the skyand the clouds arise above me.

Then I cry, I don't know why,they're just clouds a' passing by.I praise You Lordand

I thank You Lord.For Your amazing love,that You showed me on the cross

And I will bow my knees,and glorify Your name.

I lift my hands to Youand give my life to You alone.

In the silence of the night,

I come to You my Lord and SaviorIn this life that's sometimes hard,

I know Jesus You are near.

When I look into Your eyes,I see the pain that you have taken.And Lord that's the reason why,

I sometimes have to cry.

Peter Gringhuis and Elton Smith

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